Kandypens For Sale

KandyPens Vaporizers for Sale on Cheeba Pot. This is the new vaporizer brand with an emphasis on luxury, lifestyle, and design. This premium brand of vaporizer pens provides excellent function coupled with a sleek aesthetic perfect for the vape connoisseur who loves a hint of style.

To add, these pens are subtle and will have you making clouds as big as your average water pipe. They are available for both dry herb users and concentrate users. Coming out of Phoenix, Arizona, Kandy Pens is an American brand re-imagining the American vaporizer industry.

Kandypens Vaporizers For Sale

Furthermore, all K-pens wax pens are calibrated for concentrates, delivering smooth, potent vapor. They also feature leak-proof designs, ensuring superior airflow. Sometimes you want to enjoy dry herb and concentrates without having to switch vapes, which is why Kandy Pens links the MIVA 2 with dual-functionality. Featuring a concentrate can that inserts into the chamber, MIVA 2 allows users to swap between wax or herb seamlessly.

Again, K Pens’ iconic style pairs with their unmatched functionality. Any KandyPens vaporizer with a glass mouthpiece or air-path is comes from medical-grade borosilicate glass. Chemically inert, this premium glass helps preserve intense flavor and purity. Borosilicate glass is heat-resistant, preventing cracking and yellowing while displaying the natural flavors of dry herb and wax.

To conclude, this type of glass is lead- and BPA-free, boasting a clean and clear look that’s easy to maintain with regular cleaning. The high durability of borosilicate glass allows KandyPens vapes to extract the maximum flavor possible even at higher temperatures.


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